Since I was young, stories have been my bread and butter.
I grew up writing stories on whatever I could find. Typically I would steal a couple sheets of printer paper, grab a couple markers, and go to town. I was happiest when I was inventing new characters and new worlds.
While I’ve moved on from printer paper to my more efficient laptop, I still see the power of storytelling all around me. I’ve discovered just how much humans and brands communicate through storytelling. Whether it’s through copy, graphic design, or photography, everyone still wants to see a hero overcoming obstacles to reach a goal.
As a communication major with an emphasis in public relations, I’ve learned I’m passionate about working with individuals and teams to create stories that build connections. I’m obsessed with finding the best ways to communicate effectively and efficiently by always finding the “why” behind a project. I love planning and seeing through all the minute details until they fall into place. I hope one day to lead a team of creative communicators and oversee the strategy and scheduling of projects, whether that’s in an agency, corporate, or non-profit setting.
No matter what, one thing’s for sure: I’ll keep telling stories.
Check out my resumé for more details of my experience: